NIU MQi GT Snellader 48V 900Watt

480,00 incl. btw

Snellader passende op:
NIU MQi Sport (rechtstreeks aan de batterij) – 31Ah en 42Ah batterijen
NIU MQi GT (in scooter of rechtstreeks aan batterij) – 31Ah PowerPlus en 42Ah PowerPlus batterijen

Quickcharger fits::
NIU MQi Sport (Only directly connected to battery) – 31Ah and 42Ah batteries
NIU MQi GT (in scooter or directly to the battery) – 31Ah PowerPlus and 42Ah PowerPlus batteries

110-240V input
48V nominal (36-83V range) output voltage at 900W max.
NOTE: Maximum power is not always achieved, this depends on type, cell balance, temperature and state of charge of your battery.
NOTE: This does not include the wall socket cable (C13).

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