60V battery DC to 230V AC pure sinewave inverter

464,001 018,00 incl. btw

!This product may void your battery warranty!
This is a professionally crafted product, production time is around 4-5weeks.
This product is an nominal 72V inverter, this is chosen on purpose to preserve the health of your battery. This inverter will automatically shut off when the packvoltage of your battery comes around 58V, which is 25-30% of your battery charge.

This is a high quality pure sinewave inverter with an input range of 58V to 89V.
The output range of the inverter is Pure Sinewave 230V AC (50Hz).

Warning: make sure you choose an inverter that can handle the necessary sustained load, and that your battery can handle the sustained load. The maximum output of an NQi 60V battery is 40Ah (2400W).

Cooling: The 300W version is passively cooled, all other versions have active cooling using a ventilator. Make sure there is enough airflow around the inverter.

The inverter is delivered with: one AC plug, two DC connectors for manual install to the NIU battery.
The option for an already attached cable includes the official NIU charging adapter cable.

Name Cooling Dimensions Max output
300W pure sine Passief 275x170x95mm 600W Peak
1500W pure sine ventilator 325x165x85mm 3000W Peak
2500W pure sine Ventilator 415x165x85mm 5000W Peak


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